Who we work with

We’re incredibly proud of the businesses who choose to work with us. Our tested methodologies, can-do attitude, crack team of sales, bid and contract management professionals, and reputation for discretion underpins these important relationships.

This level of discretion means that we can’t always ‘name names’ when sharing some of our recent engagements.

However, we believe that a great story is still worth telling (even if the protagonist’s name has been removed).

Our commitment to putting our customers at the heart of everything we do seems to work…more than 80% of our work comes from repeat business – our customers put their trust in us time and again, safe in the knowledge that we’re going to deliver.


Being in the thick of a fast-growing business can be exhausting. Not only are you pedalling at 100 miles an hour to keep customers, employees and the bank happy, you’re also faced with bemusing sales, bid and contract management challenges.

That’s where we come in. From guiding growing companies through the challenges of building a sales team through to supporting you through bid submissions, we’ve got the experience that will make the pipe-dream a reality.


As businesses grow in terms of people, complexity and reach, the need for a robust and carefully managed sales, bid and contract management process increases. Now is the time to call in the professionals to set the standard…and then maintain it across your entire organisation.

From benchmarking your current processes through to supporting and coaching your team, the Sales Engine team are on hand to make sure your sales organisation is optimised.


It’s no coincidence that the biggest companies in the land have invested in sales, bid and contract management process. They recognise the value robust systems bring to their sales team…and the bottom line.

Yet even the most dedicated and passionate sales organisations can find themselves in need of external inspiration. We have become the ‘critical friend’ to many large businesses, acting as a sounding board and, when necessary, an extra pair of hands. We’re here to support, inspire and enhance when the time is right.


A few years ago, the world of competitive bids and contract renewals arrived like a tornado into the Health & Social Care sector. Suddenly healthcare professionals were being bombarded with an array of commercial opportunities. An exciting opportunity for some. A bewildering distraction for others…

As relationships in the sector inevitably grow more complex, there is a need to work more collaboratively, breaking down barriers and focussing on delivering more integrated care…all while operating in a competitive environment with massive cost pressures. While far from straightforward, it provides a huge opportunity for those Trusts willing to be more creative and innovative.

It’s this mix of commercial and creative thinking that excites Sales Engine…and where we add the most value.