In the beginning

We started life as a sales training company. Three founders, headed by Steve Robinson, worked hard, and business was good. It seemed that our ‘sleeves rolled up’ approach to the challenges faced by sales teams was what the market needed, and word spread. We are very proud that we continue to support many of the sales teams that have been with us from day one.

This training merely served to shine a light on bigger frustrations felt by sales teams that no one was either willing or able to address head-on.

Critical commercial skills like bid support, large contract management, and sales message development were all in need of a business that would take a pragmatic approach to the issue and provide ‘real-life’ solutions.

An evolving business

As the business evolved to address this need, so did our team. It has always been important to us for our services to be delivered by practitioners, not theory-based management consultants. 

Today our team features seasoned specialists who each have a unique flair for understanding what our clients need. Underpinned by an honest tenacity, our people enable innovation and success in even the most complex of businesses. They become part of the customer’s team while delivering services that genuinely connect people, processes and tools. Led by insight and instinct, they are thoughtful and pragmatic, able to discern where best to invest time, effort, and budget with ease while driving leaders and teams to the best of their ability.

In a fast-paced world with so many options available for strategic and commercial support for B2B organisations, we are not shy of saying that our values genuinely form the basis for all that we do and the way we work.