Growing the team at Sales Engine and a flying start to 2021

by | Feb 2, 2021

2021 has kicked off in style for Sales Engine as we welcome Marie Despringhere and Greg Lee to the team, to support what promises to be our busiest and most interesting year to date.

Friends of Sales Engine for some time, we’re really pleased to have brought on board two people who not only share our focus and passion for driving tangible sales improvement, but who also bring an alternate and complementary set of skills, approaches and expertise to really strengthen and expand the work we do with our customers.

Evolving support in a changing landscape

The world of sales has been turned upside down over the past 12 months and after an initial pause, our customers recognised that more than ever they needed our support to help them make sense of the best ways to navigate these new challenges. Consequently, we ended 2020 strongly and now have a very busy year ahead with new customers, new partnerships and a whole load of new projects to deliver.

With the new year comes new challenges; alongside our traditional core of sales, bid and contract support, we’re increasingly being pulled into strategic projects to help connect the dots between sales and marketing. The gap between these two disciplines has never been narrower and we’re seeing the impact of this on the way teams work together, the tools and methodologies they rely on, and the challenges and frustrations this can throw up.

This means we’re working more with marketing teams as well as sales leadership, to support ABM and sales enablement projects, content creation and top-of-funnel lead generation and business development. We’re also making the most of our external partnerships with the likes of Folloze, Turtl and Brainshark to deploy new technologies to support these initiatives and carry them through to revenue generation and beyond. And to ensure they deliver the right results, we’re also supporting the strategies, people, processes and content that are critical to success.

Meet the new team

With all of this going on it was obvious we were going to have our hands full this year, so the decision to bring on Marie and Greg was an easy one. Seasoned sales and marketing professionals, they’re already making an impact with our customers, bringing a wealth of valuable experience and new ideas to help shape the delivery of projects.


Having cut her teeth at Google where she rose to become Head of Sales for Wildfire, Marie has since held senior sales leadership and consulting positions in the fast-paced world of technology, leading and developing integrated sales strategies and operations, and helping companies to meet the challenges of sales and account growth and restructuring.





Greg brings more than 17 years of senior commercial leadership, managing, coaching and developing sales and account teams, and building deep client
relationships that deliver tangible value. His strong agency background brings with it a wide breadth of practical experience in marketing, innovation and
digital media which is proving invaluable to many of the projects we’re now seeing.



What next?

This is an exciting time in the evolution of Sales Engine. We’ve never been busier and the range and scope of projects we’re now being asked to support, coupled with the partnerships we’ve formed demands a uniquely talented team. The addition of Marie and Greg builds new capabilities into this team and sets the bar even higher on the work we’re delivering for our customers. They are, after all, the ones who benefit the most.

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