Once a contract is won, the stakes rise once again as a strong and valuable relationship with your customer is built. We’re on hand to help organisations engage with their most valuable contracts with confidence and focus, building trust through carefully structured meeting plans, visibility of the formal (KPIs) and informal (sentiment, engagement) measures through our ContractIQ platform to build a firm understanding of ‘contract health’

Complex contracts should not be feared – when managed well, the measures around contract engagement can be hugely positive for both sides, from creating valuable inclusive meeting structures, sharing innovations and opportunities and identifying shared goals on a monthly or quarterly basis. However, all too often, the focus can become restrictive and negative as time goes on, where meetings become dominated by KPI and performance reporting rather than relationship building.

Which is where Contract-IQ comes in, embracing technology alongside a consultancy, coaching and training programme that brings the right people together at the right time. It equips your organisation to manage each stage of the contract lifecycle:

Winning New Contracts…

By achieving clear differentiation by being able to demonstrate an ability to drive continuous improvement and add value throughout the life of contract that goes beyond the regular reporting of performance against KPIs.


By transforming relationships, sharing success and placing innovation at the heart of the contract

Avoiding Contracts Being Retendered…

By continually demonstrating innovation, partnership and trust over the years of the contract. Happy customers who have been kept informed of shared success stories and innovation tend not to go out to market at renewal time. Simple, really (or at worst they do but then skew the tender in your favour to avoid changing).

Services include:




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The Case For Human Interaction

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