SalesIQ focuses on supporting our customers to make the most of their sales organisation.

Our approach is simple and sensible – we use the experience and expertise of our consultancy team to diagnose issues before getting to work.

Broad brush approaches no longer work in sales – today’s buyers, markets and technologies are too complex for one methodology to address.

Instead, identifying and then solving the complex problems that are hampering your sales team is our first step.

We then work with your team to unlock their potential through bespoke training and coaching plans to ensure they are equipped with the skills and insight to deliver results.

We then further enable them with the very latest and most effective sales tools to ensure your message is delivered in as persuasive and engaging way possible. From pitchbooks and video through to A.R., our partnership with our sister company Eyeful Presentations ensures your team demonstrates understanding and value to the prospect and moves them closer to the deal at every touchpoint.


Services include:

Sales team training
& coaching


Sales collateral

Dig deeper


Everybody within the team thoroughly enjoyed the training.  The range of new ideas and techniques we discussed was well tailored to our business and everyone is looking forward to more sessions later in the year.”

Florence Maisel, Managing Partner, Interel France.


The woes of a video pitch

The woes of a video pitch

As the ongoing saga of social distancing and local lockdowns continues to impact almost every part of our lives, many of us are now finding ourselves in a very strange and surreal world, one which just 9 months ago we couldn’t have dreamed of. Like it or not most...