BidIQ is designed to ensure that every opportunity that you are presented with as a bid team is delivered to the highest quality and with maximum impact.

This may be in the very early stages when developing a corporate bidding strategy, through to being the guiding hand that helps your organisation to address the specific requirements of different opportunities.

Our team will stand beside you, supporting you to identify and agree win themes, implementing reviews to allow you to make that difficult decision on whether to bid or no bid, all the way through to embedding a set of robust qualification procedures that are governed by experienced (but very tame) procurement professionals.

We are past masters at keeping a team on message throughout the process and ensuring that all of the moving parts within your organisation are engaging and communicating correctly to deliver an optimised bid. Included in this is our ability to provide ongoing insight and scoring from a panel of procurement professionals, whilst also being willing to roll up our sleeves and deliver the support that is needed, from writing through to review during the many stages of the bid process.

Atop all of this will of course be the innovation and best practise from across the team, our engagements with industry bodies such as the APMP, and our experience of working with organisations large and small to deliver bid success.

Services include:

Crafting a
bidding strategy

Bid/no bid
qualification reviews

insight & scoring

Bid document

Designing attention
grabbing documents

Pitch presentation

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Sales Engine act as our critical friend and have helped bring a whole new way of responding to tenders to our organisation. Their willingness to go the extra mile both in critiquing our work and offering design support, often at short notice, has helped us secure a number of crucial wins.”

Ann Hanlon, Business Development Lead, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust.


Sales Engine play a powerful role in challenging our approach and adding a fresh perspective to our must win opportunities. Their input has helped us secure multiple must win contracts over the last seven years.

Ian Brooks, Head of Submissions, Kier Construction Ltd

Case studies

GLOBAL Logistics

Our customer is one of the biggest logistics companies in the world, with a turnover in excess of $1bn.


The woes of a video pitch

The woes of a video pitch

As the ongoing saga of social distancing and local lockdowns continues to impact almost every part of our lives, many of us are now finding ourselves in a very strange and surreal world, one which just 9 months ago we couldn’t have dreamed of. Like it or not most...

Ready for when the dam bursts?

Ready for when the dam bursts?

For Bid Managers and Bid Teams, lockdown has been a blessed relief from the 100mph, 10 bids on the go, deadlines every day that we’re used to. Time to rest and prepare for the ‘new normal’. But, what if that ‘new normal’ is worse than the old normal? A huge number of...

Isolation, Evaluation and Innovation

Isolation, Evaluation and Innovation

Last week I jumped in on a conversation on LinkedIn about whether it was appropriate for people and companies to be sending out ‘business as usual’ messages while the coronavirus unfolds around us. The general consensus seemed to be something along the lines of ‘stop...