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Hello – we’re Sales Engine, the UK’s leading sales, bid and contract support experts. We work alongside organisations of all sizes across a range of sectors to ensure your success.

After over a decade doing this, we’ve identified that great sales organisations are a mix of engaged people, trusted processes and clear messaging. Get the formula right and you are well on your way. Get it wrong and efficiency, focus and value fly out the window which can leave your prospects scratching their heads in confusion.

This is why Sales Engine are on hand at each stage of the sales process to ensure you get the most out of your next opportunity to shine.



It all starts with sales. After all, winning business is the lifeblood of any company.

Get this part of the equation right and you’re well on your way to a more confident, stable and assured business.

Get it wrong and you’re on the back foot before you’ve even started. It’s this fundamental reason that underpins the way we work with all our customers – get the basics right and the rest can follow…


Bids and tenders can be worth thousands, they can be worth hundreds of millions.

The problem is, sometimes the combination of the pound signs coupled with the pressure of ‘the day job’ means that chaos reigns.

Too many people get involved without any real guidance, roles and responsibilities are accepted half-heartedly and procrastination becomes the order of the day.


Equally the complexities of managing your contract once it is up and running can feel like herding cats where every day is a confusing mix of reporting, review meetings and service development.

An all-too-common obsession with KPIs means that businesses get dragged into ‘sweating the small stuff’ and lose sight of the big picture. This KPI myopia can mean that hard working businesses inadvertently drift away from customers, fail to innovate and then wonder why they come second at renewal time.

Oh, and then there’s the perennial challenge of keeping your sales team focused, efficient and equipped with the right skills and collateral to support your growth ambitions.

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