Hello – we're Sales Engine, the UK's leading bid, sales and contract
support experts. We work alongside organisations of all sizes across
a range of sectors to ensure your success.

Bids and tenders can be worth thousands, they can be worth hundreds
of millions. The problem is, sometimes the pound signs and the pressure
of a harsh financial climate can haze up the vision (oh, and there are
typically several other distractions to be getting on with at the same time).

Equally the management of the complexities of the contract once it us
up and running can feel like herding cats where every day is a confusing
mix of KPIs, review meetings and service development. And then there’s
the perennial challenge of keeping your sales team focused, efficient
and equipped with the right skills and collateral to support your growth ambitions.

Whatever the challenge, Sales Engine is on hand to help. Our team of
professionals have been there themselves, meaning we're not only on
hand to shoulder some of the burden but also to make sure it all comes
together efficiently and effectively.

No matter what the size of the bid or business, we're here to ensure your
next bid, contract or pitch is as successful and efficient as possible...