Sales Engine help customers drive sustainable growth in their business

Working with leaders and senior management, we specialise in helping organisations Attract, Win, and Grow top-tier business-critical accounts. 

Our support allows businesses to optimise and improve sales operations across their People, Processes and Tools, bridging the gaps between frontline sales, marketing, sales enablement, customer success and bid teams. This enhances performance in a way that is simply not attainable in a segregated, siloed approach to sales challenges.

Offering hands-on sales support, we not only embrace innovation in the scope and design of our transformational sales programmes, we remain actively involved across implementation and integration to ensure tools, technology and processes are truly embedded and able to deliver an evidenced return on investment.

Our people

Since 2009 the team at Sales Engine have been working with organisations to help them navigate the complex set of needs required to remain competitive in the business-to-business  environment.

Taking a practitioner-led approach, our specialists are fervent advocates of active listening, adaptability, and efficiency. Grown through the world of real frontline sales experience beyond theoretical consultancy, they have a keen nose for anticipating challenges and devising creative, collaborative solutions.

Connected services

Sales Engine delivers fully transformational programmes that connect multiple areas of sales and marketing operations. 

We provide bespoke consultancy with benchmarked metrics to evidence tangible improvements made over time. Our approach is to diagnose the areas where improvements can be made and prioritise those that will have the most immediate impact.

This rounded methodology supports all stages of the sales funnel and is why our focus areas – People, Process & Tools –  leverage investments in methodologies and technologies to drive results. 

Partnerships that make us stronger

Our current partnerships are centred on providers of digital sales enablement tools. They feature fantastic global organisations such as Folloze, Loopio, Seismic, Templafy and Turtl. Here, we act as trusted advisors to joint enterprise customers, providing a unique approach to benchmarking and optimising the content that is so critical to the success of these platforms, plus tactical integration of these software platforms among the people using them.

Our historic alliance with Eyeful Presentations also offers us outstanding design resources from the UK’s leading presentation company.

We are fortunate to work in collaboration on accounts, offering exceptional benefits and outcomes for our customers.


Our Approach

Our clients