Delivering impactful value propositions for every deal


We have worked with this customer for many years across multiple projects. It is a multinational software corporation that provides software products and services for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, education, and entertainment industries.

The Challenge

The technical specialists within this business faced challenges in delivering consistent and effective value propositions on a deal-by-deal basis. Each had their own approach, leading to little standardisation or guidance on creating impactful documents. To address this, the European team involved key leaders to initiate a project to streamline the Customer Outcome Proposal (COP) process. The goal was to reduce the time spent on creating presentations, establish a repeatable process, and ensure consistency and quality in content and design.



The Solution

We worked with the Technical Account Sales Engineers to conduct an internal discovery audit to understand their challenges and gather insights.

By listening to their pain points and involving them in the solution-building process we were able to gain crucial trust and buy-in, which is essential for successful integration and use.

The outcomes:

  • Standardised slide deck with intuitive and creative design elements.
  • A cohesive story flow template for presentations.
  • Internal testing of new framework among a group of COP ambassadors for feedback.
  • Exploration of solutions for future efficiencies including: content automation, repeatability, tracking, and integration with Salesforce.

The Result

The project is ongoing, with continuous refinement and implementation of automation solutions being the focus.

With our continued support and monitoring we can ensure that the standardised COP process remains effective and aligns with company goals.

The success of standardising these sales templates and embedding their adoption has implications beyond Europe.

The aim is to roll out this tool globally to every commercial and technical team ensuring consistency and effectiveness in their value proposition delivery worldwide.

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