The introduction of bidding, RFPs and tender submissions has arrived like a tornado into the Health & Social
Care sector. Suddenly healthcare professionals are being bombarded with a bewildering array of
commercial opportunities.

These new bid frameworks are a double-edged sword (or should that be scalpel?) – opportunity for
enhanced care and growth of the Trust on one side whilst lurking on the other side are time-hungry
and distracting technical procurement processes. Not one for the fainthearted.

Which is where Sales Engine steps in. We take our unrivalled bid process experience and apply it to the unique
requirements of the Health & Social Care sector. We work alongside Trust boards and medical/clinical/patient
specialists to take the stress out of the bid opportunities, allowing you to focus on your number one priority
(the patients) whilst keeping an eye out for the future.

To learn more about how we've taken the pain out of bidding for Health & Social Care professionals,
get in touch for a no-obligation review meeting.