It's no coincidence that the biggest companies in the land have invested in a professional and committed
in-house bid team. They recognise the value robust systems and talented writers can bring to their sales team
…and the bottom line.

Yet even the most dedicated and passionate bid teams can find themselves in need of external inspiration.
It might be a review of an important RFP response by one of our 'tame procurement professionals' or guidance
on how to create a uniquely visual and impactful pitch presentation.

Whatever the reason, bid teams need to be able to turn to respected peers when the project demands it
…which is where we come in.

Sales Engine has become the 'critical friend' to many large internal bid teams, acting as a sounding board
and, when necessary, an extra pair of hands. We're here to support, inspire and enhance when the time is
right (internal bid teams will know what we mean by Timing!).

To learn more or simply bounce a few ideas around, get in touch with the Sales Engine team.