Welcome to the Presentation Campus

by | Oct 3, 2019

It’s been a ridiculously busy year here at Sales Engine and our best yet. We’ve brought some big new customer names on board while deepening our engagement with our existing ones, launched both our new website and our new contract management software ContractIQ, supported a whole raft of major bids, training programmes and sales enablement projects, welcomed new faces to the team and racked up the road and air miles travelling to clients across the UK and Europe, to support their key sales and marketing initiatives.

And now the icing on the cake – in partnership with our sister company Eyeful Presentations, we’re pleased as punch to announce the opening of the Presentation Campus, our new Leicestershire HQ.

The brainchild of Sales Engine co-founder Simon Morton, the Presentation Campus is an immersive and interactive centre of excellence for all things presentation-led. It’s where you’ll find our team of expert consultants and coaches, storytellers, designers and content creators, all working together to create world-class business presentations for our customers.

Pres Campus

The Presentation Campus

From key pitches, conference presentations and sales training material through to the preparation of multi-million pound ‘must-win’ bids and tenders, presentations form a critical element of the sales process for our customers and supporting their creation is a big part of the work that we do so successfully here at Sales Engine.

Traditionally these presentations come together through a mix of onsite messaging workshops and a flurry of remote emails, storyboards and three-way conference calls between Sales Engine, the customer and the team at Eyeful. While this has been very effective – we’ve always pulled out all the stops to deliver exactly what our customers need – we often had the sense that given more time and the right creative input, we could have done so much more. This is where the Presentation Campus comes in.

The opening of the Presentation Campus takes collaborating on these key projects to the next level, allowing our customers to effectively ‘move in’ with us for a concentrated, uninterrupted period of time while we work together to deliver something truly outstanding.

This level of focus, guidance and unparalleled access to the expert teams at both Sales Engine and Eyeful means that together we are now perfectly placed to provide customers with unprecedented support in high stakes or complex presentation and bid requirements.

“I can’t begin to explain how excited we all are by the opportunity to bring our customers here. Free from distractions, immersed in getting to the best possible presentation and surrounded by all the experts needed to create something amazing. It’s going to be game changing!”

Steve Robinson, Sales Engine CEO

We’ve already had the pleasure of showing our first customer around the campus and it’s no exaggeration to say the room was fizzing with ideas (the smell of fresh paint everywhere probably helped)!

As you can see, we’re really excited at the opportunity that the Presentation Campus provides for our customers to deliver their best work. So if you’ve got a key bid or pitch coming up that would benefit from some extraordinary focus and expert support, or you want to take some time out from business as usual to strategise success across your sales organisation in a creative environment, get in touch to book a time to come and see us.