We bridge the gaps between sales, marketing, sales enablement, ABM and bid teams to drive sales performance and help our customers win more business.

Working with leaders and senior management teams, our connected services support a 360 approach from the sales strategy, cycle and processes through to creation of streamlined, more impactful content.

Our focus is on 3 key areas

Internally, this inclusive style allows our customers to maximise their investment in sales and marketing tools and enablement platforms and of course, their people.

The results? A more efficient and motivated team, connected workflow, data led insights and high impact messaging and content.

Externally, this promotes a more engaged, focused experience for their audiences.

The outcome? Winning more business, more often.


Do you have the right people, in the right roles all equipped with the right skills?

Are your teams on board with your sales process? Are they harnessing the right elements of the process throughout each sales engagement?

We analyse the gaps to make recommendations on the changes that are needed.


Is your sales strategy and methodology as effective as it could be?

What processes do you have in place to support the sales cycle? And when did you last review it?

We audit processes and engagement in a thoughtful, agile way, to measure baselines. We then make recommendations to drive continuous improvement and innovation across teams and departments.


Have all the tools but struggling to onboard your teams to maximise their effectiveness?

Have sales materials in tech platforms but not sure it is the right content delivered at the right time?

We’re advocates for the right tools for the right reasons. We make recommendations on how to harness technologies in ways that will truly improve sales effectiveness.

At the heart of this approach is content. It is the central cog that moves through every aspect of the sales process. We aggregate, appraise and improve your sales content and look at the way it is created and shared, to ensure it has a greater impact in the journey to winning business.


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Training and coaching sales teams

  • Bespoke sales training
  • Pitch coaching
  • Proposal and executive summary training
  • Presentation training

Sales process consultancy

  • Discovery workshops and process audits
  • Best practice process development and implementation

Sales collateral development

  • Content messaging, design and build
  • Value propositions
  • Discussion documents
  • Videos
  • Presentations
  • Proposals

Full bid support and management

  • Bid kickoff sessions, answer planning, win theme development and
    key messaging
  • Content and collateral creation
  • Reviews, critiques, timelines, proofreads
  • Procurement scoring
  • High quality document creation
  • Executive summary development
  • Bid library creation and curation
  • Pitch presentation creation
  • Pitch coaching

 Bid/No bid decisions

  • Opportunity reviews
  • Developing best practice processes and tools

Supporting the design and setup of ABM strategies and campaigns

  • Tool selection, implementation and onboarding
  • Campaign planning and management
  • Creating tailored content to convert interest into leads
  • Creative support for large opportunities

Measurement and reporting

  • Measurement audits
  • Reporting setup, dashboards etc.
  • Regular reporting of campaign results including analysis, suggestions and recommendations