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Our client is one of the world’s most recognised brands and as such is under constant scrutiny. In the fast-paced arena of e-commerce it is easy for successful companies to quickly outgrow their infrastructure, particularly when it comes to internal communications.

The Challenge

The challenges were two-fold…

Our client achieved massive, global, growth in a relatively short period of time. Eyeful was initially approached by the EMEA business to develop a look and feel for their presentations as this had been more-or-less bypassed in the rush, leaving them with disjointed results that did not reflect the integrity of their brand.

Developing presentation guidelines for a worldwide, household, name, whilst still sticking to our fundamental belief that boundaries are for pushing was always going to be a challenge! The client needed guidelines that were adaptable throughout their business and would support their need for, strong, structured messaging. This was not just about look and feel because every presentation needs to be audience centric – without that it’s just pretty pictures.


Helping the client to bring their presentations within their brand guidelines was just the start.

Having introduced their leadership team to our Presentation OptimisationTM Methodology we began to make a real difference to how they use their presentations.

We now work with the client across Europe and North America. Eyeful works on storyboards with senior executives to produce credentials and conference presentations for both internal and external use. Because of our ability to keep pace with their growth, we provide templates that the team can repurpose in house and address high level strategies.

The Result

The relationship has grown to the point that we now also work with their B2B division and payments processing business.

The end result is that client doesn’t just have a look and feel that they can be proud of, they have all the tools and support to communicate effectively whatever the audience or subject matter and however tight the deadline.

“Eyeful Presentations showed an excellent understanding of our business from day one. Their Presentation OptimisationTM Methodology has helped us to communicate more effectively and their provision of editable template sets them apart from the competition”.

VP of Marketing, UK

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