Press release: Turtl and Sales Engine partner to supercharge business proposals

by | Sep 27, 2021

27th September 2021

Offering an interactive, highly aesthetic and trackable reading experience, Turtl, who we have been working with for a little while now, offers clients the opportunity to create documents that are both inspiring and skilfully tailored.

Among the ever increasing volume of content sent from organisations to end users, there has never been a greater need to create thoughtfully designed, personalised information, especially when the aim is to win new business and customers. 

With our experience and specialist team, Sales Engine are experts in supporting organisations to produce transformative content and narratives that genuinely address customer needs. 

Repetitive, over-used ‘cut and paste’ brand collateral is no longer acceptable in a space where you need to stand out. Curating a balance of pre-prepared material and bespoke, client-focused content is key to driving win rates as well as process efficiency. 

The intuitive structural designs, embedded multi-media and insightful analytics offered by Turtl, alongside our creative, client-focused content and approach, delivers a winning combination for Sales and Marketing teams, particularly for those working in Account Based Marketing. 

CEO, Sales Engine, Steve Robinson said: “What Turtl can offer not only has the potential to transform the way content is presented to buyers, it also offers an excellent platform for Sales and Marketing teams to work better together to produce critical documents like sales proposals. We have always advocated this cross-team approach to our clients as crucial to long term strategic success. It is something we have seen increasing evidence of in the last 18 months, as many companies are reviewing the way they work.”

Watch this space for more insight from the Turtl and Sales Engine collaboration, as we explore and share sales proposal best practice for 2021 and beyond.