our know how

All Sales Engine services are supported by three fundamental elements of our know-how:

Practitioners, Not Theorists

The Sales Engine team brings a unique mix of sales, bid and contract management skills to support our customers. Each member of the team has been there and done it as practitioners, not theorists.

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On one side, we have seasoned sales leaders from a variety of different sectors and backgrounds. Each has earned their stripes by running sales teams, holding quotas and delivering results. On the other, we have our team of successful Bid Directors and ‘tame’ procurement to play devil’s advocate/critical friend throughout the process.  They are supported by a large team of communication experts, from storytellers through to visualisation specialists.

Each group provides a special mix of experiences, viewpoints and insights that add value to every customer engagement. It’s the equivalent of having a panel of ‘big hitters’ on speed-dial to support your business whenever you need them


Our experience allows us to take an analytical approach to the challenges faced by our customers. An innovative use of scorecards, coupled with experience, insight and bespoke consultancy, has created a powerful set of measures for sales teams in various stages of development.

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Sales Engine scorecards now underpin enterprise wide sales and bid development programmes for a wide range of organisations. Indeed, this analytical approach is also the foundation of solutions like Contract-IQ, where we’ve been able to create a scoreboard-based solution to a perennial issue. 


Technology has become an integral part of sales and bid management…and Sales Engine has always taken a healthily cynical view of the ‘silver bullet’ claims of many solution providers.

This agnostic approach has served our customers well. Not only have we acted as a ‘critical friend’ for customers during the technology review process, we’ve also been able to work alongside vendors to help them find new ways to broaden their use of the technology.

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The net result is that renowned solution providers like Seismic and Folloze now turn to Sales Engine to help them finetune their offering in specialist areas like bid support.

We’re happy to support. After all, if the technology is optimised and deployed to meet the specific needs of our customer, they will directly benefit (and that’s what really counts).

Sales, bid and contract management is awash with academically robust methodologies that impress on paper but deliver little in the real world. While we will always maintain a healthy respect and awareness of the latest ‘fad’, our focus remains on delivering results for our customers.

Our experience and know-how has delivered realistic solutions to real-world challenges for over a decade. We’ll stick to this tried and tested approach for as long as it delivers results for our customers.