Meet the team – Matt Iveson

by | Mar 30, 2023

Matt Iveson, Business Development Director

You could say that my involvement with the business goes back to 1995, which is when I first met co-founders Steve Robinson and Simon Morton when we worked together at a great organisation that was the perfect place to learn the ways of the commercial world, the alums of which have gone on to do many great things in the world of commerce.

That early introduction to the world of selling set me on a career I’ve highly enjoyed over many years. During that time, I’ve worked in various companies, from micro-SMEs to multibillion-dollar corporations. I’ve sold solutions to problems such as how to efficiently open mail in a post room to the complex cloud and SaaS solutions that use advanced data and analytics to manage regulatory credit risk for banks.

The common thread is that I’ve been fortunate to work with great people.

Customers open to conversations deeper than a simple problem statement; those that are keen to understand the impact of solving a business problem and the value it will create for their business. I’ve collaborated with clients to create compelling investment cases for multiple stakeholders and successfully managed the entire sales and buying process.

I’ve been fortunate with colleagues too. Many have shared a passion for delivering solutions that meet and exceed customers’ needs; they have asked me the right questions to maintain my accountability, shared their knowledge and expertise and help hone my skills. 

It’s no surprise then, that the thing that most attracted me to becoming a part of the Sales Engine team was also the people. It’s rare to meet such a great bunch with diverse and complementary skillsets combined with professionalism and infectious enthusiasm.

I am already gaining insight into how they deploy those talents to improve our customers’ business using the Sales Engine “People, Process, Technology” methodology and our bespoke tools, including the Sales and Content Audits. 

In 2023 I’m looking forward to playing my part in helping to grow the business. We partner with some great organisations, and I look forward to deepening those relationships and developing new ones. There are some fantastic stories about how we’ve helped our customers transform their approach to sales and bids, which deserve more airtime. I can’t wait to go and spread the news.

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