Meet the team – Greg Lee

by | Mar 7, 2023

Greg Lee, Senior Sales Consultant

Before becoming a ‘Sales Engineer’ at the start of 2021, I worked in senior commercial leadership roles within Marketing agencies and led a pan-European commercial team at Brandwatch, a leading social listening and insights SaaS company. Having worked across industries including automotive, healthcare, financial services, IT and software, I bring a broad mix of experience and perspective to the challenges our clients face.  

“I am particularly interested in working with our clients to unearth the most compelling narrative around their commercial offer, drawing out the most salient and persuasive points to make it easy for their clients to understand what they could buy and why they should buy it.”

At Sales Engine, we support our clients in various ways. 

We help them prepare significant bid submissions, craft business critical proposals and presentations, provide recommendations on using tools and technology to support their sales efforts, provide best practice and benchmarking recommendations and deliver bespoke training and coaching. As a team, we focus on how we can best contribute to successful commercial outcomes for our customers, which typically involves embedding good habits within commercial teams to enable long-term success. 

Quite simply, our focus is to help our clients win. We are involved in a greater breadth of client work across more sectors than ever before in a volatile commercial climate where success is far from guaranteed. Budgets are under tremendous pressure with a knock-on effect on commercial performance. But things are good, and exciting projects abound!

In general terms, we will continue to bring our expertise to improve our client’s commercial outcomes. More personally, I’m particularly interested to see the continued development of technology within the sales and commercial arena and how these developments contribute to increasing sales effectiveness.  

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