Meet the team – John Toal

by | Feb 28, 2023

John Toal, Strategic Sales Consultant

I started my career as a production engineer who then thought a move into sales would be easy – surely anyone can do that? 

Many years later, I’m still learning that sales is a science that has to be learnt, not a case of turning up and hoping for the best. Over those years, I have built a tool kit of techniques, methods, and processes to offer the best chance of success for any company or client I work with. 

“It has been fantastic to lead multimillion-pound tech businesses, drive sales and marketing for two Private Equity backed Cloud businesses, worked with a team launching a new SaaS platform, spend three years off-piste in the robotic manufacturing world and, more latterly, work with Venture Capital backed Biotech scale-ups. Each has delivered success and, most importantly to me, the chance to work with great people. 

What have I learnt from each opportunity?

There are three sales scenarios, particularly for fast-growth companies. 

– Consulting and services businesses typically grow through referral and reference selling. It is all about trust if you are selling a service. Yes, people still make the decisions, not the AI. Make sure you think about your networks.

– Ground-breaking tech businesses, like Biotech’s, usually have such a good product and/or service you just need to turn up and say, “Would you like some?” The customer buys! The ROI or human benefit is off the scale.

– The tough one. Tech businesses solve a market problem that the customer may not know they have. The sales team must follow a process, work out the value for the customer, and use challenge selling. Throw everything at it—all the tools in your kit. 

I joined the Sales Engine team last year. Why? They are a team that acts as a team. We each have different areas of strength and acknowledge those strengths. We constantly exhibit toward behaviour in team discussions which results in excellent outcomes. Those outcomes make a tangible difference to our clients. The ROI is rather good as well. 

We’ve created more science for the sales toolkit. The Sales Audit. A forensic analysis of a client’s sales team that delivers a quantitative assessment of the teams’ abilities before we embark on a new program.

So lots to look forward to in 2023, a new team, more new tools and a well-founded belief that we make a difference in our client’s chances of achieving their ambitions.

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