Customer Success Hub

Every year, businesses lose millions in sales due to poor account management.

According to the Sandler Research Center of all the clients who changed supplier in 2019, 68% did so not because they were offered a better shiny deal or lower prices, it was because they no longer felt valued by the incumbent supplier.

Given these contracts underpin revenue year after year, it’s surprising how poorly served contract and account management has traditionally been, in comparison to new business sales. But as contract and revenue retention become even more critical in a post Covid world, businesses are now looking for transformative ways to take care of these most precious of assets.

The Customer Success Hub is Sales Engine’s next generation toolkit for managing, delighting and retaining your key customers and contracts.

Combining cutting edge technology with proven best practice materials and a coaching, consultancy and support service, the Customer Success Hub is a whole new platform for interacting with your customer to share goals, progress and successes across the lifetime of their contract. By demonstrating that you’re continually delivering value in a way that both aligns with and supports their vision and priorities, you shift from vendor to true partner, deepening your relationship and becoming an indispensable part of their long term strategic direction.

Included within the platform is a selection of customer success tools for your teams to deploy, plus areas for training, thought leadership and even product marketing and upsell, giving you one place to drive both retention and adoption, generate new revenue streams and ideally position your business.

Alongside this you also get access to ContractIQ. The secret sauce in the Customer Success Hub, ContractIQ is our unique tool for measuring the health and strength of a contract beyond core KPI metrics and into the things that can actually cause a company to move to a new supplier. Backed by data that evidences performance, it helps identify areas of strength and weakness and drives next actions.

And finally, a powerful analytics engine gives you behind-the-scenes insight to track your customer’s engagement with your material, helping you to set the direction of travel for future conversations and initiatives, and ensuring your account management process always drives value.

If your business relies on repeat revenue from annual or multi-year contracts and you’re looking for a way to transform how you look after, retain and grow your key accounts, the Customer Success Hub is the answer. Talk to us to find out more.