Over the years, Sales Engine has built an enviable reputation for helping organisations to see the ‘wood for the trees’ in a whole host of commercial relationships. We’ve been on hand to build focus in bid submissions, clarify objectives in sales conversations and deliver impact through powerful visuals in pitches.

Yet few of the complex interactions compare with the intricate relationship between Commissioner and NHS Service Provider.

When managed well, these interactions can be hugely positive for both sides, from creating valuable inclusive meeting structures, sharing innovations and opportunities and identifying shared goals on a monthly or quarterly basis. However, all too often, the focus can become restrictive and negative as time goes on, where meetings become dominated by KPI and performance reporting rather than relationship building. The team at Sales Engine are of the firm belief that both parties benefit by working together, identifying shared values and taking a proactive and coordinated approach. Which is where ContractIQ comes in, embracing technology alongside a consultancy, coaching and training programme that brings the right people together at the right time.

Helping the NHS transform
commissioner relationships
  Putting innovation at the heart
of NHS and commissioner relationships

ContractIQ has been developed to equip your organisation to manage each stage of the contract lifecycle:


by demonstrating a robust
and transparent process,
driven by focus on
Commissioner needs,
innovation and
best practice.

by transforming
relationships, sharing
success and placing
innovation at the
heart of the contract.

by continually providing
confidence and trust
through transparency over
the years of the contract
while highlighting shared
success stories and innovations.

The proactive and considered management of contracts represents a huge opportunity for the NHS. ContractIQ has already started to transform the way Trusts perform by combining greater insight with improved skills and focus from contract teams. What could it do for your Trust and Commissioner relationships..?