Content that helps win multi-million-pound deals


Our customer is a multi-billion dollar software business that operates globally. We’ve been working with them for over seven years now and in that time we’ve supported them to create winning sales content across bids, proposals, presentations, business development programmes and opportunity-specific business cases for their UK and European teams.

The Challenge

This customer operates in a highly complex area, requiring the input and expertise of a multidisciplinary team to help scope, articulate and solve their customer challenges, and ultimately close deals. The sales process is long and involved, often taking six months plus, and includes many different stakeholders with competing needs and interests, multiple customer touch points and a whole range of document types and other supporting sales content.

The challenge that they always have then, is to create content that engages all of these different stakeholders with relevant messaging, tells a convincing story and drives action in order to keep the sales process moving forward. Not easy with so many moving parts and deals that can be years in the making, with revenues well into the millions.

A return of £150 for every £1 spent with us.

The Solution

In this instance, the customer will bring us in for opportunity-specific support on their most important deals. Because of the high value of these deals, rather than starting with an appraisal of their existing content, the level of focus and individual tailoring that is required means we get much more hands-on right at the start to drive out messaging, themes and ROI that will help them win.

Only once we’ve established a strong story and a structure do we then start to look at the suitability of their existing content to determine how much we can use and what needs to be reworked or started from scratch. We help craft a close plan and use various pieces of content along that plan to influence stakeholders and prove the value and the business case, all resulting in a final proposal to get the deal closed.

The Result

As a result of the work we’ve done to help them build the right content for these opportunities, we helped our customer to win £22m worth of contracts in 18 months. We support around eight major deals ever year and our win rate is between 75-85%. On average they see a return of approximately £150 for every £1 they invest with us. This approach has proven so successful that their teams now have to pitch internally for the opportunity to work with us on their deals.

We helped our customer to win £22m worth of contracts in 18 months.