What Bid Teams Can Learn from Formula One (Part 1)

At first glance there doesn't appear to be a lot of common ground between the fast paced
and glamorous world of bidding and a bunch of guys racing each other at circuits around the globe
– but they can still teach us something.

A bid team consists of a wide range of subject matter experts who are brought together in order to deliver the best possible result for the company. Typically though, they will be headed up by one individual who gets the bulk of the limelight for a win.

Last weekend, at a race track in Malaysia, we witnessed what can happen when one person in the limelight forgets that they are in fact just the sharp end of a very large team. The spoils of victory clouded one driver's ability to make sound judgments and they stopped listening to the crucial feedback which was for the good of the long-term goal. Whilst the limelight star Sebastian Vettel is undoubtedly a phenomenal driver, there still will be many times this year when he will need the support of his team and his team-mate (Mark Webber) if he is to become World Champion again. So when he decided to ignore his team's orders to allow his teammate to win he lost their trust and could have cost them all dearly in the long run for the sake of a single short-term victory for himself.

Similarly, management of egos within a bid team is absolutely vital. For the person at the top it is crucial that they keep their focus on using the strengths of the team to ensure that they are listening and responding to all of the inputs and guidance along the way. If you are that person at the top it is always worth an occasional step back to check you are still listening to your team and are open to the advice they can offer and not simply dominating to get things done your way.

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