Proposals need more than just good foundations

One of our biggest frustrations when reviewing proposals for potential clients is how often we
come across poorly structured documents that focus too much on the solution and not enough
on the needs of the prospect. Again and again we bang on about the importance of a solid structure.

But this week we have been reviewing a potential client's proposals that had the perfect structure,
with all the right sections in all the right places to tell a great and compelling story. But the problem
was that the salespeople consistently failed to build anything strong on top of this great foundation.

What this exercise has shown us and our potential client is that to write a truly compelling document takes time, effort and commitment from the salesperson. Giving them a structure to follow is a great start, but they also need a detailed insight into the customer requirements, and the knowledge of how to convey all of this in order to succeed.

If your proposals are lacklustre, generic and too much about you then look to the level of engagement your salespeople have in the process, and make sure that they understand the importance of the written word to the overall conversion rate. If you have just given them a shiny new template to use then the chances are you won't make the great leap forward you would hope to.

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