About sales engine

The Sales Engine Story (Thus Far)

Way back in 2008, we started off life as a sales training company.

The three founders, headed by Steve Robinson, worked hard and business was good – it seemed that our ‘sleeves rolled up’ approach to the challenges faced by sales teams was what the market needed and word soon got around. We’re very proud of the fact that we continue to support many of the sales teams that have been with us from day one.

However, this training merely served to shine a light on some of the bigger frustrations felt by sales teams that no-one was either willing or able to address head-on. Key commercial skills like bid support, large contract management and sales message development were all crying out for a business that would take a pragmatic approach to the issue and provide ‘real-life’ solutions. It was also important to us that our services were delivered by practitioners, not someone with their head buried in a book (no matter how ‘on trend’ the text might be).

Success in bids, contract management and sales comes from doing, not reading about it. Simple Really.