Meet the team – Josh Bruer

by | Dec 13, 2023

Josh Bruer, BDR Consultant

I first came across Sales Engine when they successfully completed a project at my last company helping to reform the sales process and improve sales performance. Having witnessed their expertise first hand, from the client side, I jumped at the chance to come on board when the opportunity presented itself.

I have a passion for helping companies unlock growth by building best-in-class pipeline generation functions that have sourced multi-million pounds of closed revenue. I’ve worked in outbound pipeline generation and business development for over 13 years. I’ve been a business development leader for over 9 years, building and leading 4 different teams across VC funded and post IPO stage companies.

Developing value

Business or Sales Development has evolved into its own discipline and is a powerful outbound driver for revenue growth. I now help businesses at various stages maximise the performance of their pipeline generation teams. A key challenge for any sales team is managing their limited time and I focus on maximising efficiency and effectiveness. Ensuring reps spend as much time as possible on “high value” activities, while improving their effectiveness at converting those “high value” activities.

Each business has a different audience, whether that’s down to the market, industry sector, persona, product category or prospect size. With all these variables to contend with, there is no one size fits all approach. Therefore it is important that a business identifies which “high value” activities lead to new pipeline generated and optimise their team to double down on this approach.

My experience selling to many of these different audiences allows me to share what I’ve learnt and pass on my expertise so businesses can start generating the pipeline they need more quickly.

I’m excited to be supporting Sales Engine, helping them tackle and solve more of their customer’s challenges around pipeline generation for 2024.

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